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Cindy Bogar checked in from Moscow, Idaho, with this moose news:

I live in Northern Idaho (have most my life) and have seen a number of moose from a distance. However, this weekend I drove down Hwy.12 to make the 5.5 mile hike into Stanley hot springs.

Almost into the springs we spotted a moose (probably a yearling) working his way towards the hotsprings. I was bringing up the tail of the hiking line, so actually got in behind him. He was keeping his attention on those in front of me. I worked myself around him into a position where I pretty much figured he'd be coming back, about 15 feet away from him behind a rock. I was right! He meandered by on his way back out, probably within eight feet of my position. I'd remembered hearing that moose don't have great eyesight, and I was downwind. So everytime he'd look directly at me, I'd just hold still. He'd relax and go back to drinking. Only twice did he melt silently into a couple of baby trees to watch the scene until he felt safe enough to come back out.

Once camp was set up we headed down to the pools. There I was in the lowest one by myself, clothes stacked neatly on some rocks about 3 ft from me, when he came back. He was busy watching or trying to watch the people in the second pool. I lay on my tummy with my arms on the rocks in front of me and just watched him. He came so close. He was drooling/dropping water on my stack of clothes. Pretty much got my shirt and shorts wet. :)

What a magnificant creature! And what a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Pamela from Alaska had this run-in with a moose:

I went to run the Midnight Marathon in Anchorage and surrounding areas. As we were running on a path through the woods, suddenly a very large moose came running out of the woods, and everyone scattered. Then, male humans being male humans, they tried to run past her, which only made her more upset, and she went crazy running up and down the path and most certainly making us look like the scaredy-cats we were! Finally, she ran off back into the woods, and we did not create another Alaskan moose fatality statistic, but it sure does make a great Alaskan marathon moose story!

Eleven-year-old Kari Renstrom reports:

I live in Mora, Minnesota One morning in the fall there were five people on the bus and we saw a bull moose at about 7:10. We clocked him going at 40 miles an hour just trotting. We never saw him again.

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