Memberships outside the U.S.A. 

Once upon a time, the Mickey Moose Club offered to pick up the postage for sending membership cards and handsome certificates, suitable for framing, to exotic foreign lands. Unfortunately, we never anticipated the large number of requests we would get, and our meager budget can no longer afford the expense.

How then, you ask yourself, am I to gain entrance to this prestigious organization? For surely there are more mooses outside the U.S. than in it. I mean, there's Canada and Norway and Sweden and Finland and Russia and all those other countries, chock full of mooses. Not to mention all the people who, while their countries may not have indigenous mooses, are nevertheless eager to take part in an organization celebrating this handsome animal.

Fear not! Here's the deal:
Send us something from your country that you think is particularly interesting, funny, or remarkable. It shouldn't be anything large or elaborate, and should certainly be worth no more than one U.S. Dollar, which is about how much it's going to cost us to send you the card and handsome certificate (slightly less for Canada and Mexico). If the item has something to do with mooses, so much the better. In exchange, we'll send you the card and handsome certificate.

And please, please, please do not send money!!! We would hope your mamas and papas have instilled enough sense in you not to send cash through the mail, especially to a bunch of mooses you've never even met.

Send your interesting item to:

Mickey Moose Club
New Membership Department
3415 S.E. 16th Ave.
Portland, OR 97202

Be sure to include your snail-mail address. Include your e-mail address, too, if you would like to receive interesting moose-related mail from time to time. And you can e-mail us at

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