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Here is a brief list of the names for Alces alces  in a variety of languages. If the word in your language is incorrect or not listed, please e-mail us at We'd like to keep the dictionary as accurate as possible. As well, if you'd like to include a translation of "Could you be so kind as to direct me to the railway station?" or some other equally useful phrase, we'd be much obliged.

Language Moose
Algonquin moz
Athabaskan* dineega
Basque altze
Catalan ant
Chinese** milu
Cree moosa
Croatian los
Danish elg
Dutch eland
English moose
Finnish hirvi
Flemish eland
Canadian French orignal
French French elan
German Elch
Greek tarandos
Hebrew** ayal kore
Hungarian jávorszarvas
Icelandic elgur
Inupiaq tuttuvak
Italian alce
Japanese** musu
Latin alces
Norwegian elg
Pig Latin oosemay
Polish łoś
Portugese alce
Romanian elan
Russian** los'
Spanish alce
Swedish älg
Yupik tuntua

*The name Athabaskan (also spelled Athapaskan) actually covers an entire family of languages, mostly from the interior of Alaska and northwestern Canada, but also including Navajo and Apache. This translation appears in the book Moose, by Michio Hoshino. The book doesn't say which of the Northern Athabaskan languages this word is from.

**The Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, and Russian words are transliterated, due to the Moose Page's character set limitations. The Inupiaq and Yupiak words may well be transliterated also. We at the Mickey Moose Club don't know what writing system is used by these Eskimo languages, but at least some of the languages in this family have their own alphabet.

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