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Cards and certificates on the way
That's right! After horrendous delays, the Mickey Moose Club cards and handsome certificates are being mailed out en masse even as you read this. It took a long time to teach those mooses to write, but it turns out that they excel at licking stamps. One moose can lick a whole sheet of stamps with one swipe of the tongue. Now humans process the cards, and mooses take care of the mailing. Turnaround time has been vastly improved.
Montwood Middle School chooses the moose as mascot
Jack Seagrove writes:

The Moose has landed in El Paso, Texas. That's right! Now the Moose live in the desert! Montwood Middle School, part of the Socorro Independent School District, adopted the Moose as its official mascot when it opened its doors last year for the first time.

This unusual mascot has been the topic of many discussions since it was adopted but now everyone enjoys the notoriety having such a unique mascot brings. The Moose is being spread throughout the district as the school successively competes in academic and athletic contests.

Are there any other 'Moose' schools that would like to correspond with ours? If you would like to share 'Moose Tales' with us contact Jack Seagrove at We're looking forward to hearing from you fellow Moose.

Moose Facts From Maine
Kindly submitted by a contributor to the moose mailbag:

- Mature male moose typically weigh around 1100lbs, but can get to 1400lbs or more, females weigh in around 800lbs (Jenny Craig where are you?)

-Moose chow down about 40-50 lbs of vegetation a day

- Their eyesight isn't the the best, but they have an excellent sense of smell

- Moose can swim very well, with sustained speeds of 6 mph or more

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